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Radical Meditation

“I genuinely feel good about myself for the first time in a long time. I revisited some of my old music and inspired myself. Thank you.”
“It’s life changing stuff… I’m coming back every chance I ever get.”
“feels like My brain is vibrating... all I want to do is dance right now… is that normal?!”

We call it 'meditation' but it's unlike anything you've experienced. 

Radical Meditation™ is our 45 minute guided breath experience that leaves you feeling reset and connected to yourself. We can't wait for you to try it, and leave feeling more in control of your life. See you in the tent.


we build urban sanctuaries.

Places where we want to hang out. Places where you can be yourself. Places filled with live music, dope people and good vibes. We serve non-alcoholic elixirs and build atmosphere for people to meet others who just want to be themselves ... For real. Check your shoes and your ego at the door.


There’s a voice inside of you.

Most of the time you drown it out or ignore it. And, sometimes, when you’re feeling unsatisfied or wondering how you got here, that voice breaks through. It knows that the most radical thing you can do is live a fearlessly authentic life. It knows that another day doing anything other than living your truth is absolutely and intolerably unacceptable.

We’re here to help you find that voice (And maybe even listen to it).

It’s not always easy. That’s OK. Easy shouldn’t be the goal. We believe in being fully present, no matter how difficult the truth is that’s waiting to confront you. There’s beauty and growth in that truth, especially when it’s hard.

We’re here as a reminder that only you can give yourself permission to take control of your life, to let go of fear,

to be... you.

When you do, life can stop feeling like a competition. Instead of: feeling anxious, you can delight in being curious.Instead of comparing yourself to others, you can enjoy being generous with them. You can let yourself fuck up. And be kind to yourself about it.
We want to help you find and embrace the courage in your heart to stop living a watered down version of your life.
We believe kindness is the sexiest thing in the world and the best way that we know how to help is by connecting you back to you.
So.. Come as you are.

Live Radical.